Fresh & Fresh 5 Gram (50 Pack) Premium Ethylene Gas Absorber – Easy to and Ready to use packets – Extends Freshness of Fruits, Vegetables, and Flowers

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  • PROTECTS FRESHNESS, TASTE, AND QUALITY – Normally last for 3.0 month (It depends on what kinds of fruits, vegetables, and flowers)
  • EXTENDS THE SHELF LIFE OF PRODUCE - Delays process of decay, discoloration, and wilting (Place packets in refrigerator drawers or where produce is stored.)
  • SAVES MONEY - Slows down the ripening process of produce and eliminates food waste (Store unused packets in air-tight container or the resealable bag they came in)
  • EASY TO USE - Simply place packets where produce is stored. (Discard the used packets)
  • 100 % SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - 100% Refund or New Replacement even BEYOND REFUND PERIOD if you are not happy with our product (These packets work well in enclosed space)

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