4 Unit(132 Gram) Clay Desiccants Packets

Size: 5 pack
Sale price$ 12.99

  • Packet Dimension: 3.75 x 6.5 inch.
  • Activated clay desiccants control humidity and eliminate rust damage in sealed containers.
  • Tyvek® provides a tear-proof, good breathability, dust-free packet and does not contain binder or solvent.
  • Clay desiccant utilize natural bentonite clay as raw material which is more cheaper and environmentally friendly than Silica Gel. Clay has stable chemical and physical characteristics and is non-toxic and non-hazardous. It has premium absorption and purifying functionality. Its moisture absorption capacity is stronger than silica gel desiccant in low humidity.
  • The clay desiccant packets provide a better solution keep moisture from guns, important papers, collectibles, books, jewelry, photo album, shoes, camera lens, toys, leather clothing, ammo, photo equipment, machine parts, documents etc.