DT-1200 Packet Pouch Dispenser

DT-1200 Series

DT-1200 is effective and hygienic in packaging deoxidizer, silica gel, seasoning powder, sauces, etc. that are often inserted manually in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The length of various packaging products can be set by a touch screen.

DT-1200 dispenses up to 250 packs per minute, with precision and minimal noise, controlled by the servo motor. It also does not require an air supply. DT-1200 is easily used in small spaces.


  • High speed and accurate distribution with built-in software
  • Touch screen for easy setup and operation
  • Easy to use Start and Stop buttons.
  • Easy to change to different packets even during the operation.
  • Servo motor for cutting and stepper motor for feeding are used for high-speed operation with minimal noise.
  • The discharge sensor and mark sensor prevent inaccurate cutting. 
  • Easy replacement of cutter and easy maintenance
  • The compact design of the product makes it easy to install and operate even in a narrow space or existing packaging line.
  • Optional devices can be attached easily by built-in software (Vibrator, Pouch and Detector, Adjustable Stand, etc.)