Dry & Dry Company is a top US silica gel supplier, backed by 30 years of experience in the silica gel desiccant industry.

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Our Silica Gel packaging is the highest quality in the industry for moisture protection. You can experience the difference with other products.

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Our Oxygen Absorber is the highest quality in the industry for Long-Term Food Storage.

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Specially crafted into very fine powder form of silica gel (flour consistency) to maintain the color and shape of flowers while effectively absorbing the moisture.

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Dry & Dry Company is a top US silica gel supplier, backed by 30 years of experience in the silica gel desiccant industry. Our silica gel is revered for its premium quality and high performance in moisture absorption. Ranked among the highest in the industry, we promise competitive prices, excellent customer service and wholesale prices.

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Our wide range of products offers the most cost-efficient solution for moisture control, both retail and commercial.

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Our Customers Reviews

Great product and very useful!

Andréa*** Béd***

My boyfriend is using this to keep his "green spices" dry when they are too moist. Works like a charm! No need to leave it all the time, just a few hours!
I also used this to save my iPhone when I dropped it in water and....... it actually works! Saved a few hundreds right there!

(Product : Silica Gel Packets)

Helps Clear Handbag Odor!!!


I bought a pre-owned Louis Vuitton Murakami Speedy 30 and the inside had a light cigarette odor and I tried everything to get the smell out. I had heard about these packets helping with odor, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I stored the bag with several packets (ok, all the packets) and closed the purse. It took about 3 weeks for the smell to subside, but the odor is gone. Now when I store any of my bags, I put a few of these packets in them to keep the storage odor at bay!! Great cheap, clean alternative to get the smell out of handbags!

(Product : Silica Gel Packets)



Works great for drying flowers. I took the flowers from my husband's funeral and was able to let his mom pick out what she wanted since she forgot to grab some that night. Was worth every penny. Daughter made a couple wreaths with the flowers as well to hang above her bed to remind her of him.

(Product : Silica Gel for Drying Flowers)


Rashe**** da***

I bought these for our basement and could tell a huge difference once we started using this product. That damp smell was gone. I will definitely be buying more. I bought a pack of four and each one seems to last about a month before needing to be changed out for a new one.

(Product : Standing Moisture Absorbers)