Fresh & Fresh (1800 Packs) 300 CC Premium Oxygen Absorbers(18 Bag of 100 Packets) - ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified Facility Manufactured

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  • Oxygen Absorber Packet Dimension : 1.7" X 2.7"
  • Premium Quality(ISO 9001 Certified) Oxygen Absorbers - 1800 Packs of 300 CC Oxygen Absorption Capacity.
  • Packet Material is FDA Food Compliant & Strictly Tested for Food Purpose.
  • Packets are Stored in box. - 18 Bag of 100 Packets
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you have any Problems with Our Products, We will give you a Free Replacement or Full Refund even BEYOND REFUND PERIOD.



Why are unopened oxygen absorbers hard as a rock when I receive them?

Due to the vacuum seal, the bag is hard as a rock with all oxygen absorbers clumped together.  This is how the bag should feel.  If it's not hard as a rock, it means there's been a compromise in the vacuum seal.  When you open the vacuum seal, the individual small packets will separate and the packets will feel crunchy and sandy.   


How do I store unused oxygen absorbers?

In general, you have 2-4 hours until oxygen absorbers become fully saturated. However, our recommendation is that you use them or store them within 15- 30 minutes after opening. As you know these are oxygen absorbers and 21% of air is oxygen. Therefore, before opening the vacuum seal, you need to be prepared to use them to store your food and seal them quickly. Also you need to store unused oxygen absorbers in a mason jar or vacuum sealed bag. Because it's a vacuum seal package, once it's opened, it is not resealable. You need to have a vacuum sealer to vacuum seal unused oxygen absorbers. It is important to have as little air in contact with them as possible. Please use a  small jar to best fit unused oxygen absorbers. 


Are oxygen absorbers not working if you don’t see the vacuum effect?

If the oxygen absorbers are not hard, they are in good condition and working.
All the following factors may contribute for you to not see the shrinkage of the bag: 

- how much void space is between stored food

- how much headspace is at the top of the bag

- whether there's a hole in the bag

- whether the seal is good

- if sufficient size of O2 absorbers is used