Dry & Dry Premium Silica Gel for Flower Drying Desiccant - (Net 3 LBS)

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Net 3 LBS "Dry & Dry" High Quality Pure White Silica Gel Desiccant(1 bag of 3 lbs) 

  • Preserve Elegant Memories and Capture Beauty of Drying flowers with Dry & Dry Premium Silica Gel Beads(Beads are stored in Air Tight Sealed Bag for Long-term Preservation & Protection)
  • Gently soak the flowers into Silica gel beads not to damage them.(Net 3 LBS)
  • Flowers can be dried in 2-5 days. Maintains natural Colors. Preserves Texture.
  • Beads can be Reactivated by Placing in the Oven for 0.5-2 hours at 200-250F Or Microwave for About 10 Minutes at DEFROST. Don't use over 250F in the Oven. Depending on beads' condition, they may take shorter than the recommended time.


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