5 LBS Blue "Dry&Dry" High Quality Desiccant Indicating Silica Gel Beads - Reusable

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5 LBS Blue "Dry & Dry" High Quality Desiccant Indicating Silica Gel Beads - Reusable

  • 5 LBS Volume of Fresh Blue High Quality Indicating Silica Gel Beads(Approx 5 lbs)
  • Silica Gel Beads Size : About 2 ~ 4 mm. Indicating Silica Gel will turn Blue to Pink when fully absorbed with moisture.
  • Double Packaged for Long-term Preservation & Protection.(High Quality Myler Ziplock Bag)
  • Blue Beads contain "COBALT CHLORIDE" which may pose health risk and environmental issues. Our blue beads contain only 0.005% cobalt chloride.
  • Reusable by heating in an oven for 3.5 hours at 240 degrees F.


  • Dry & Dry Silica Gel is a vitreous, porous form of silicon dioxide made from sodium silicate. 
  • It is purified and processed into either granular or beaded form. 
  • Its high absorption capacity is attributed to its millions of tiny pores. 
  • The mechanism of absorption is purely physical, with no change in size or shape of the particles even as they become saturated. 
  • Even when fully saturated, the material still looks and feels dry. 
  • Blue Bead will turn to Pink when fully absorbed with moisture. 
  • Blue bead can be reactivated by placing in an oven on an safe sheet for up to 3.5 hours at 245 degrees F. 
  • Blue bead contain COBALT CHLORIDE that may pose health risk and environmental issues. 
  • Our bead contain 0.005% COBALT CHLORIDE. 


  • Our silica gel bead is the highest quality in the industry for moisture protection. 
  • You can experience the difference with other products. 
  • Products of Dry&Dry guarantee 100% satisfaction. 
  • If you have any problems about our products, we will give you a free replacement or full refund.


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