1/2 Gallon "Dry & Dry" Premium White Silica Gel Beads (Industry Standard 3-5 mm) - 3.6 LBS Reusable

Sale price$ 18.99

  • 30+ Year Experience in the Industry of Silica Gel Desiccant - Premium Quality Pure and Safe Silica Gel(See Our Customers' Reviews)
  • Silica Gel Beads Size : about 3 ~ 5 mm.
  • 3.6 LBS Brand New Fresh High Quality Pure Silica Gel Beads - Non Toxic and Safe
  • Beads can be Reactivated by Placing in the Oven for 0.5-2 hours at 200-250F Or Microwave for About 10 Minutes at DEFROST. Don't use over 250F in the Oven. Depending on beads' condition, they may take shorter than the recommended time.
  • We REALLY Want Our Customers to be HAPPY with Our Products. Please Contact us If You are not Happy. We will Give You Free Replacement or Full Refund Even BEYOND REFUND PERIOD.