10 Gram [100 Packs] "Dry & Dry" Premium Blue Indicating Silica Gel Packets - Rechargeable

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  • 100 % SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - 100% Refund or New Replacement even BEYOND REFUND PERIOD if you are not happy with our product.
  • ULTIMATE MOISTURE ABSORPTION(See the picture) - Our packets were able to lower the humidity level less than 6 hours, while other packets took more than 12 hours to do the same job. This is a clear indication that our packets can reduce the humidity level quickly before it damages your precious items.
  •  REACTIVATION(See the picture) - Placing in the Oven for 0.5-2.0 hours at 200-250F Or Microwave for About 7-12 Minutes at DEFROST. Start with the least amount of time and increase the time if color is not fully returned to the original state or steam is visible inside the packet. Depending on beads' condition and types of microwave, they may take shorter than the recommended time. Please check the beads' color periodically.
  • SPECIAL THICKNESS - Packets are stored in RESEALABLE Self-Standing High Quality Bag for Easy Storage and Use - Air Tight Sealing & Sturdy Bag for Moisture Control.
  • EASY TO READ - Clear Change from Blue(Dry) to Pink(Saturated), Packet Dimension: 2.4"x 3.3"

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